WTS/WTT: 10-8 Performance Springfield Armory Operator

Apr 15, 2009
Charlotte, NC
This was a custom order from 10-8 performance a few years ago. Basically it’s a Long Beach Operator model that was customized to Hilton Yam’s build specs. Marked “10-8” and “Tactical” on the frame. Comes with all the paperwork and in the box. These are pretty rare and don’t see too many on the secondary market. One a handful were made during the yearly builds from 10-8. If you’re a 1911 fan, you know what these are. I carried it off duty a little but probably my only has less than 400 rds downrange. Questions please PM me.

Prefer trades. Looking for a new tripod set up. Always looking for glass. Prefer something in the 3-18 or 4-16 range. Also would like to get a MPA chassis set up for a Rem700 SA. I can either add cash or whatever to make a deal work.
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