WTS: FN SPR A5M TBM- 6cm SAC built **12/31 price drop**


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Feb 22, 2010
Atlanta, GA
I have moved away from shooting 6cm for the time being so I'm looking to sell my rifle that I no longer shoot. Rifle started out as an FN SPR A5M TBM 24" rifle that I sent to Short Action Customs for conversion to 6cm. In addition to converting the rifle to 6cm, SAC properly bedded the rifle and tuned the trigger. This was my primary match rifle for a while and I love shooting it however due to relocation with work I don't need it anymore. I estimate the rifle has 800ish rounds through it primarily shooting the hornady 108gr eldm. Overall the rifle is in very nice condition, but since this was used in matches, the stock does have some dings and scratches, I tried to picture the worst of them on the bottom of the grip.

I am only selling the rifle. Not included in the sale are the bipod, scope, scope rings or the surefire brake. I do however have several 10 rd mags, 300-400 factory loaded 6cm rounds (copper creek and hornady), several hundred pieces of 6cm brass that I would sell to the purchaser of the rifle if they want it.

I am asking $2400 shipped and insured. I am open to offers and since I'm looking to move onto new projects I am open to a couple trade options. Would entertain the following trade options with cash adjustment as needed to make values line up:

12/27- Price dropped to $2150 shipped

12/31- Price dropped to $2000 shipped

FN scar 17s FDE
FN scar 20s
MK13 mod 7 clones
Barrett Mrad

Prefer contact through email if you're interested: zfquin@gmail.com


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Aug 26, 2018
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Do you have the original 308 barrel?

Also, possibly interested in an M1A Scout?