WTB AIAX Parts / Accessories,Game Changer,PRS Gear


Same shit, different diaper
Jun 6, 2018
Somewhere in Seahawks Country
Looking to add a few updates to a pre-2014 chassis and gather some gear for upcoming season.
Would prefer to buy, trade not out of the question either.
Pm me if you have something your letting go of or parting out.

-RRS AICS AX Chassis Plate

-Game Changer for railchanger, OG or Pint, waxed canvas

-Area 419 Arca Clamp

-RRS Arca/Pic clamp

-11” Arca Rail, AX model FOUND
-Recoil Pad spacers FOUND
-Hoptic Quiver Keymod FOUND
-Wiebad Whiskey Charlie MFC FOUND
-AI 20moa R700 SA scope base FOUND
-Game Changer Sticky OG or Pint, Git-Lite FOUND
-AI Picatinny top handguard rail, std length FOUND
-Atlas Cal, TBAC, Crye Arca Bipod FOUND

-75/100mm ball head tripod FOUND
-Area 419 Harris bipod to arca mount FOUND
-Thumbrest SAMB300/Anarchy Outdoors, AT model fits the preAX FOUND
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