Wolf Precision's Long Range Shooting School in Somerset, PA - 2020 registration is open!


Wolf Precision, Inc.
Jul 17, 2007
Wolf Precision's
Long Range Shooting School

Our goal is to be the very best combined Level 1 & 2 course in the country!

For two full days, we want to jump start you on your way to learning the art of long range shooting. We are a premier long range shooting school established in 2009, making us one of the oldest shooting schools in the country. We established ourselves and our reputation on being the very best based on a foundation of quality instruction and quality material. All done in a step by step established and proven program taught over the course of three days. We want you to leave with a love of the art and lots of new skills so you can continue to train and become the very best shooter you can be. We have many students who have also attended many of the other courses taught around the country and around the world. It is common for them to say we have the very best course they have ever attended. We want you to have that same experience as well.

Professionally run!

We are also a professionally run course who behave like professionals while teaching. We have both men and women from a lot of different backgrounds and careers who attend. We also have, in many cases, younger students attending with adults. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard in this area so that all are comfortable and will have a great time attending.


Experience matters and Jamie Dodson has over a decade of teaching students from all around the world. Our alumni include LEO, Big Game Hunters from around the world and even a winner of the PRS series. So whether you're preparing for an upcoming hunt, competitive shooting, or law enforcement skills, we teach you the basics and advanced fundamentals that will set you up for success both on target and in the field! This is a precision shooting class covering the many subjects listed below in both the classroom and in the field under real world shooting conditions. This is a level 1 and 2 course and includes advanced subjects that every shooter should know and understand. A book is provided that has all class subjects, materials, and formulas that you, the shooter, can take home and have access to.

The course is written and instructed by Jamie Dodson - President of Wolf Precision, Inc. Jamie has won and placed in many shooting and sniper matches over the years and has the real world knowledge to teach from experience learned on the firing line. Just as important, Jamie has won shooting rifles he built himself. Therefore, Wolf Precision's Long Range Shooting School gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the how's and why's of a great shooting rifle by a competitor as well as a true custom rifle builder and designer. With over a decade of owning and teaching the long range shooting school, Jamie's students are now coming up through the ranks and winning and placing in matches, some in their very first year. It is Jamie's love and passion for the art of long range shooting that he hopes to pass down for all to enjoy and share no matter what type of shooting sport they are applying it to.

33% fewer students per class.

Class size is very important to us, we want to be able to spend quality time with each and every student. There is nothing worse than attending a course and only getting a couple of minutes of one on one instruction because you are surrounded by a sea of students and the chaos that accompanies it. Our class is strictly limited to 8 students.

Make it a family vacation!

We are also proud to say that we are are the first school that is all inclusive at Seven Springs Mountain Resorts. Price can include three nights at the resort allowing you to bring your family to stay with you at the resort at no extra charge and enjoy it's many amenities and activities while you attend the school. A family vacation while you attend the shooting school equals a win-win for everyone!

Classes will be held at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Range work will be done in Somerset, PA on private ground with targets ranging from 100 to 1000 yards. A shooters' log book and classroom book will be provided. We will also teach you how to D.O.P.E. a rifle, so you can set any rifle up for long range. Our goal is to share with you years of experience over three days. The classroom and shooting course is challenging, but it will set you up for success both at the range and in the field.

Take time to read our Student Feedback!

*Law Enforcement Agencies that need any references from other Officers and Police Snipers who have taken the course please call.

Spring 2020

May 11, 12 & 13 - 5 slots left!

May 15, 16 & 17 - 2 slots left!

June 15, 16 & 17 - 2 slots left!

June 26, 27 & 28 - 2 slots left!

July 9 & 10 - 8 slots left!

July 20 & 21 - 7 slots left!

Fall 2020

September 28 & 29 - 8 slots left!

October 8 & 9 - 8 slots left!

Subjects Covered

Range Safety and safety equipment
Proper Equipment to get started
Optics Selection - First and Second Focal
Rifle Maintenance
Shooting Fundamentals
Setting Goals
Proper equipment set up and use
Chronograph a rifle
Advanced Shooting Fundamentals
Making A Data Chart
Understanding MOA and Mils
Reading the Wind
Spotting (what to look for)
Group Therapy
The cold bore shot
Ranging Using Mils
Angled shot correction
Moving Target formula
Judging Distance
Hold over and hold off

Equipment List

Rifle - Supplied! Wolf Precision ACE rifle and required shooting equipment provided. Please bring you own hearing and eye protection.

Ammunition - We will provide 200 rounds (10 boxes) of Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140 Grain ELD Match Ammo.

Notebook - With pens/pencils/calculator for notes during class and collecting data on the range.

Clothing - Suitable for weather conditions, we shoot rain, snow or shine. Sunscreen? We now have a 12 x 50 cover over the firing line for your convenience and restrooms on site, but bring weather appropriate clothing.

Pack or Gear Bag - For carrying gear to and from range/firing positions.

Food/Water - Pack a lunch for after classroom session and bring snacks to eat during range time. Pack extra water for hot weather.

Three day Long Range Shooting School - $1195.00
Rifle and all required shooting equipment is provided, you will just need to bring your own eye and ear protection. Also . all school rifles are suppressed for enjoyment and comfort at the school! We will provide 200 rounds (10 boxes) of Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140 Grain ELD Match Ammo.

All attending will also receive the following...
  • Certificate for $100 off the purchase of a Leupold Mark 5 or Kahles scope
  • Certificate for $50 off the purchase of an action, ACE and barrel build kit

Lodging at Seven Spring Resort for May and June Classes - $545.00
Includes 3 nights private lodging at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Check in will be the night before the first day of class. Your family may stay with you at the resort at no additional fee while you attend the school. Family members can enjoy the many activities offered at Seven Springs while you attend the school. Why not make it a family vacation?

Shared Lodging at Seven Spring Resorts for May and June Classes - $345.00 each
Includes 3 nights lodging at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Check in will be the night before the first day of class. You will be sharing a room with another person you planned on attending the course with. This is a great way to come through the course and share the experience with someone you know.

  • Save $50.00 Veterans and LEO
  • Save $100.00 with the purchase of a new Wolf Precision custom rifle!
  • Save $200.00 Shooting School Alumni (returning students)

Prices based on our cash discount. A 3.5% transaction fee added if purchase is made with a credit card.


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Jul 16, 2012
Is there an option to use our own rifle/ammo? I am shopping around for classes in PA but i would prefer to use my own rifle and handloads as that is what I will be using when I leave the class.
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Wolf Precision, Inc.
Jul 17, 2007
Thank you for reaching out. For training reasons, our main school is issued rifle only. That is for everyone. I can teach you twice as much nearly twice as fast by removing equipment. And everything you learn will go home with you to apply to any and all rifles you shoot.

After completing the school, the advanced classes that you can then attend are all designed for you to bring and use your own rifle.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions 814-262-7994

You can register here at www.wolfprecision.net

Thank you for reaching out,

Wolf Precision, Inc.
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