Wind bracketing (episode 70) for 22lr.


Sep 27, 2018
I hate asking this here because I'm probably making this harder than it should be, but I'm trying to relate this method of calling wind to 22lr. for nrl22 matches. I've watched both videos Frank has posted and listened to podcast over again and but I'm getting lost in the all the numbers and not sure I'm understanding where they're coming up with them. I'd appreciate if someone could dumb the method and explain the formula for this method.


Theory of Devolution
May 6, 2017
The basic idea is that you first decide a distance, 1000 your case, maybe 100 or 200 yards.

Then you pick an angle of deflection, 1 mil or .5 mils or 1 moa or 5 moa, .....whatever, at that distance. Then find the wind that gives you that deflection.

By working with the numbers you can find the wind that gives you say, 0.1 mil deflection per 20 yards, or per 25 yards....whatever.

Example: Lapua 40 grain Center-X, 1073 fps.

A 7 mph wind gives 0.1 mils drift per 20 yards, for a 1mil drift at 200 yards.

The bracketing comes in as you figure out the difference in drift between your low wind and your gust wind at a particular distance.
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