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I bought the Leupold LTO Tracker, I love the all metal construction and the 10 hour battery life and the fact it uses off the shelf batteries, it has 7 zoom ranges and 6 Colour pallets and as part of their Golden Ring Tactical range it just says Quality all the way.

was looking at these ATN mars-HD thermal rifle scopes last week very impressed for a ATN did a side by side with a MTM ATN was the clear winner in terms off res and picture quality can get these cheaper than the pulsar xp kitt and they have more mag


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Nowadays with the price of thermals coming down I would never waste my money on s spotter that is low resolution. Do yourself a favor and get a 640 unit. Try and steer clear of pulsar if possible also. I'm a dealer for several brands and they are about the only brand my customers ever have break. Just about every single one I've sold has had problems eventually.



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Interesting, our sister company Night Goggles has a well under 1% return rate on ALL Pulsars and they move a ton of product. They have many happy customers and just didn't become dealers of them. Used their gear for several years now.
That's good to hear, Victor. I've had a Pulsar HD38a for over a year and it's been solid. I'll be buying a new thermal scope in a few months and it's been between the new Pulsar Trail 50 and the ATN Thor. I really want the Pulsar to be a good reliable product. ATN has always come off as cheap to me
My first post here, mostly over on predatormasters. I'm on my 5th NV/thermal device. I currently own a pulsar trail xp50 and a Trijicon MK2 and a MK3, all 640s. I love my pulsar but only use it for scanning at this time cause it wont hold zero. I'm not worried about Pulsar taking care of my problem because Ive had dealings with them before and their customer service is EXCELLENT. I have sat in pig blinds for hours comparing the difference between these devices. Biggest difference I have observed so far is that when the humidity is high the Pulsar has a noticeable advantage over the Trijicon. I think the Triicon has a slight advantage in long range detection when humidity is at our normal west Texas low level.
I use a REAR-IR shooting and an LE 100 spotting....my son uses a much cheaper Pulsar 19 spotter. While it lacks in resolution compared to the TRD stuff it is durable and very useful spotting dogs at decent range. The IRD stuff is excellent but the Pulsar does a lot for the money.
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