Wheaton Arms Precision Rifle Match, SC


Jan 26, 2009
Is there more information about the COF and facilities? Setting? It's spelled Wheaton on Practiscore. I also when to Wheaton Arms webpage, and there wasn't any information there on the shoot.
Aug 9, 2012
Is this a one day match?
i tried looking at practiscore but I left more confused.
What is the entry fee?
Start and finish times?
Oct 12, 2012
White Knoll, SC
They do occasionally mix in a few pistol shots. Typically there is someone there happy to lend equipment if you need it. Even if not, you can take the penalty and just shoot the rifle portion. Don't let that stop you from signing up. I am not going to make it as I have a backpacking trip planned. ITs a great easy going match.

Aug 14, 2014
These are great matches. There will be a Zero day on Friday ($20) and then the match will be on Saturday ($55). The atmosphere is very laid back. You will be able to choose a squad of people to shoot with. Don’t worry if you don’t know any of them. Everyone is willing to assist.

The Overwatch matches were the first ones I ever went to. I don’t think I met a single jerk since I’ve been going to them and I’ve been to them all. People were more than willing to give advice, help with problems, and lend gear you may have an interest in. If you don’t have a pistol or have forgotten it I doubt anyone in your squad would deny you the opportunity to use theirs.

The match itself is very laid back. Safety rules are adhered to but it’s a great place for a new shooter to learn how matches go. They will slow down for you to get ready and to make the adjustments you weren’t expecting. You won’t get any breaks on the par times, but they also won’t hold you to an unrealistic 30 seconds to look at the stage and decide how you want to shoot it.

Now, because of my last paragraph, the bad news. These matches have tended to run a little slower. Part of this can be because different stages will have different par times. If you have 5 squads of 12 people each on 5 different stages and one stage has a 90 second time for each shooter, and another stage has 180 seconds allotted for each shooter, which stage will slow the progress? The matches have mostly been done by about 4-5:00. 7:30 shooters meeting is more like 8:00-8:15 and first shots are lucky to be done by 9:00.

I know this is an older thread, but the 2018 matches are scheduled on the Wheaton Arms site. I haven’t checked Practiscore. Anyone feel free to message me or email me with any specific questions I haven’t answered.