What Knife is in your pocket right now?

Feb 13, 2014
Buffalo, NY
Benchmade 940-1... It's a gentleman's folder in my book. Not huge and tactical looking, super light, but with great steel (S90V), and super fast deployment (axis lock FTW). It's the best EDC I've ever owned and carried


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Jan 31, 2018
Jacksonville NC
Black serrated Benchmade 810 most every day for the past 4 years. It replaced an olive sheepsfoot serrated Griptilian that I lost on a field op; it was a great knife and I was pissed. The CPM-M4 is awesome steel-takes a great edge without too much work and holds it for a long time. Its not stainless, so I also have the special edition one from a few years back with the M390 blade-also great steel.

If I'm feeling fancy I'll carry the 940-1, but its a work of art so I don't put too much wear on it.

ZT 0450CF, great small EDC knife but I want to go back to something larger once I get out of my leg cast and start walking around normally again. I have two Kershaw Blurs with serrated edges and the glass breaker butt - $60 - best all-around work knives and not so expensive you go nuts if something happens but still made in USA and good quality.

I have a couple fixed blades, an Ontario bushcraft knife that is really nice with a Kydex shealth, now all I have to do wait for SHTF.

I'd like to get something like a Medford, a smaller craftsman type operation but they're a lot more expensive so I'm waiting.
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