Vortex Razor 5-20x50


Oct 3, 2014
Mount Gilead, NC 27306
Vortex Razor 5-20x50, EBR-2B, 35mm tube, mil/mil, illuminated, 10 mil turrets, Vortex flipup lens covers, sunshade and Vortex bubble level. Have all boxes/packaging, manuals and tools [no box for Sphur mount] This scope was purchased new in June and has only been used for 160 rounds from my RPR in .308. Taken to range in hard case and then to bench and then home to safe. This scope has never been used in competition, the rain or dusty conditions. It is in LNIB condition without any blemishes or handling marks. The lenses have never been cleaned or needed it.
Scope with bubble level, lens covers and sunshade - $1100.00
Sphur 5002 mount - $325.00
Vortex Switchview lever - $45.00
Make a reasonable offer on entire package

2018-10-28 12.55.21.jpg2018-10-28 12.55.21.jpg2018-10-28 12.55.21.jpg2018-10-28 12.59.57.jpg2018-10-28 13.12.20.jpg
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