USMC 40X what to do?

I have a USMC 40x I was going to convert to a repeater, but now with the other manufactures making complete guns for a reasonable price what is the hides opinion on what to do. It is CMP vintage with oem bolt and stock. Yes I know thread is useless without pics, but I am at work.


Gunny Sergeant
If you can afford the designed from the start repeater and keep your 40X you will profit greatly from having two guns.

If you cant buy the new gun outright.....the historian in me says sell the 40X and you should have a healthy amount of cash to put toward your Vudoo.

Its your rifle though deciding to change it up is just another facet of its lifes history.
that was my though I really didn't want to kill it, I guess I need to sell it and get a voodoo and let a collector enjoy it now that there is a commercial made repeater available. what is a USMC 40X woth graded good from CMP so I can list it and not look like a jackass, I got it in a trade


Team Blaster Shooter
Keep the 40X as is!!! They are getting rarer and rarer the value will go up. Build a Vudoo V22 and be done with it. The money you will spend for the conversion and stuff will almost be as much as the full Vudoo build.

I was looking at going the same route you were instead I just did the build and it was well worth it.




Dirty Civilian
You can always build it into an m40 or early m40a1. Keep the stock parts you take off but wound be a nice unique piece and embracing the usmc stamp on the receiver.
There were less than 2700 rifles made that were stamped USMC. Like you, I have one that I considered making a repeater out of but decided to keep it intact since they are few in number.