US Naval Academy 2017 Class Pistol

West Point has had the tradition for a while, and this year the better academy is finally picking it up. Base pistol is a Colt 70 Series 1911, you can see the detailing below. The pics aren't mine, I apologize for their quality but this is what we were sent. Price we've been told is $1450, and we've been told we won't be seeing them until at least four months after graduation. I just picked up a rifle, but some funds may have to get moved around....

"US Naval Academy Class of 2017"

"Honor, Commitment, Courage", with '17 and '67, our "Link in the Chain" class (50 years before us)

"Si non nos ergo qui" = "If not me, then who?", quoted by Travis Manion and our class motto, as well as our class crest.

Thanks for looking, and remember, Beat Army.


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That is really amazing. And if that is the price, it's a stone steal!

I think it is fantastic that they are doing this.

No idea who is doing the craftsmanship/artistry on those slides. But if they are selling those for $1450... then someone is subsidizing them or doing an amazing bit of charity gunsmithing. Because that's some amazing work. Maybe it's an electro-plate, which is not expensive. But it looks like pounded-in wire and sheet work, which is really time-consuming and expensive.

Incredible and I salute the academy folks who are ordering these. They are the great Americans who give me hope for the future!




Rick Jones MAJ, SF (Ret)
Wow, that's incredible! This is all I got for getting commissioned through ROTC... [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/\/pics\/KnuckledusterZipGun-01.jpg"}[/IMG2]

However, I did get this for the Q course [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/\/apqBEU2l.jpg"}[/IMG2]
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Wow! This is what I got for getting commissioned through ROTC...

However, I did get this for the Q course
I dunno, it looks like that has seen some use, I certainly wouldn't want to mess with anyone who has one of those, not to mention a long tab on his shoulder...


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I wish I had gotten one of the Yarboroughs.

Some friends got them through the Assn. and I could have gotten ahold of one... via friends, so to speak.

Glad you got one! They are gorgeous.

I'll settle for my Randall... Ordered mine with several friends who all got our group 'handle' engraved on it. ORC... I'll leave the initials to posterity. But four of us ordered them at the same time at Randall in Orlando a few years ago. All were identical to a Randall that one of our number (of four); Jim, brought with him to show to Jason. That knife was given to his father by his mother... just before D-Day. His father carried until 1945... then bequeathed to Jim when he passed the Q-course in the 1970's. . And Jim carried it for 20 years in SF then overseas while working for 'other' gummint entities. We all got the same knives for the hell of it when we visited Jason to say 'hi.' Jim, Simon, Ian and Sirhr... all have our Randalls and get together now and again over dinner... where we terrify waitresses by having our knives on the table in sort of a ceremony.

Oh and I love my Al Mar SERE Valloton conversion folder. I carried that every shift for 13 years on PD. Discreet, but a fine knife!


My source says Baron Engraving is doing the work, I haven't heard of them but I don't know much about this field.

EDIT: In my research I saw they had done the work on West Point's pistols a couple years ago, so I'm sure they do it for at least them as well. Our committee probably got in touch with WP to see who they use.
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That is beautiful. So many these days are over-embellished and downright tacky. That is just plain classy. Nice job to the designers... And the recipients!!

Cheers, Sirhr


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Nice to see sirhmechanic posting about Al Mar. He was a good friend of mine. I was fortunate to have him introduce me to man people in the knife making world, including the fellow down in Creswell, OR who made many of the prototype knives that Al would send off to Japan to have mass manufactured. Al Mar designed many knives and was a great sponsor of shooting and the special forces community.