Tikka T3 300 Win Mag Field Tactical

What a great way to start a day by receiving a great comment from an happy customer about his new purchase.

Hi Patrice,
I write to tell you and all the Cadex Defense team that you make a damn good job! From technical support who answered my questions and offered a perfect sales and after sales service, to the machinists and technicians who manufactured and assembled the best product that can imagine having, and above all, a Quebec product! !
Thank you again and again.
I am very excited to go adjust and try my new chassis.
Speaking of the toy! I am sending you some pictures of the result. Tikka T3 300 Win Mag Field Tactical.
Beautiful ;)



Quelle belle façon de commencer sa journée qu'un commentaire de client heureux de son nouvel achat.

Salut Patrice,
Je t'écrit pour te dire à toi et toute l'équipe de Cadex Defence que vous faite une sacrément de bonne job! Du support technique qui ont répondu à mes questions ainsi qu'offert un service de vente et après vente parfaite, aux machinistes et techniciens qui ont fabriqués et assemblés le meilleur produit qu'ont peux s'imaginer avoir, et surtout, un produit Québécois !!
Merci encore et encore.
Je suis très impatient d'aller ajuster et essayer mon nouveau chassis.
En parlant du jouet! Je t'envoi quelques photos du résultat. Tikka T3 300 Win Mag Field Tactical.
De toute beauté ;)




Aug 11, 2013
Would a tikka t3 300 win mag fit in the cadex lite comp chassis ? I currently have 6.5 creedmoor ctr in the chassis but I hear that all tikka actions are the same length.

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Hello Manh3

The Tikka T3 is always a long action action. However there's a difference between a long action action for short action caliber versus for long action calibers. Let me explain.

The chassis that you currently own is for the Tikka T3 action (long action). However since you have a CTR you probably ordered this chassis for the Accurate-Mag magazine, which mean that your chassis detachable base is for the short action AICS DSSF magazines.

This chassis is capable to adapt to the long action calibers (300 Win Mag) but it cannot use the AICS SSSF magazines, only the plastic factory Tikka magazines that everybody tries to get rid of.

So it means that the chassis you own can take your action but not the magazines that you currently use. So in order to re-use this chassis we'd have to sell you a new detachable base capable to adapt the plastic factory Tikka mags. If this is not a problem for you then send me an email at patrice@cadexinc.com and I'll fix this for you.

If it's not clear feel free to call me at 450-348-6774 (Patrice)

Looking forward to help you.

Best regards
Aug 11, 2013
Thank you so much for the clear explanation. Now I need to find a tikka 300win mag donor action and get with you guys.