Thank you Frank and Mike


Mar 18, 2013
Just attended Mile high class 5/10-5/12. Just wanted to say thanks to Frank and Mike for taking time out of their schedule and away from family to spend time with us.
If anyone is on the fence about going, it is definitely worth every minute. I’ve shot 600yd F-class comps and 1000 Benchrest match, I was a good “bad” shooter when it came to engaging with rife that wasn’t in a rest. The fundamentals that I learned definitely shrunk my groups and I was able to spot my own impacts.
Day 1 eval, I think I shot a few 5 shot groups @ 100 yds in the 1/2 to 3/4 MOA area. On day 3 eval @ 100yds I shot 2 groups of 5 that were both 1 ragged hole.
It is difficult to go somewhere outside of your comfort zone at home and be nervous having someone watch and evaluate you shoot a shitty 3/4” group when you know rifle shoots lights out at home. Frank and Mike taught me how to be very consistent in fundamentals and shoot groups less than half that size no matter who’s watching or where your shooting at.
I also learned that “goat heads” hurt when they stick you, fire ants burn when they bite and leave itchy rash for days, sun/wind burn sucks, ect.... I had a blast, I will say that it’s a harsh environment in the high desert and definitely put your gear to the test. The only thing I had problems with being sand blasted was my AI magazines. They don’t run great with sand in them.