Feb 27, 2014
I watched this on Amazon last night. $4.99, worth it. Nice film about Britain's need for a fighter that could go 400mph and have 8 machine guns.
Starts out with the air races of 1931 and the young aircraft designer. Movie has about 5 "still alive pilots" who saw action in the Battle of Britain/WW2 - pretty moving. Nice footage of the planes and white cliffs of Dover.

Shows the Women's Ferry Service - (whatever they called it) and the babes of the day moving the planes from manufacturing to the air bases. One is still alive, she just turned 100yrs old. Another had 1000 hrs in the cockpit, probably 50x more time than the pilots flying them. Definitely a different time, short lived for a lot of young pilots on both sides. Cover a little on the Hurricane and FW190, which was captured and they copied the supercharger idea.