SPF FS: Nightforce NXS 5.5 to 25 $1050 shipped

Mar 7, 2018
I have an odd duck. It is an illuminated MIL MLR reticle with MOA turrets. I have run it as is for years, it was my first LR scope. I had planned to upgrade the turrets, but I am moving away from second focal plane scopes. Frankly, I don't use my reticle to judge distance, and once I dialed for dope, I just used the grid to change holds regardless of what the actual MOA or MIL was.

Nightforce will put in new high speed MIL zero stop turrets for around $350 if I remember the call correctly when I priced it. That would get you a solid NXS scope for $1400 that would be fresh from Nightforce. Otherwise, an NXS at this price is a deal.

The glass is clean and clear. Body has light use marks. 50 mm objective.

I will post pics later. PM your text or email for pics directly.
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