Southwest ULR - June 2019 Results, Top Gun Rommel Jimenea 375 Cheytac


Sep 11, 2014

Radelow Blades Spring Series by Southwest ULR, June 2019 Recap. This was a very fun shoot, we will all remember for a long time, conditions were ideal, and everyone made multiple hits over 1 Mile. Our course of fire was 3 targets 1766, 2144 and 2620 yards. Rommel Jimenea, and his Vestal Customs built 375 Cheytac consistently hit every target during every string and the 2144 target 4 times in a row, finishing as this month’s Top Gun. His consistent performance spoiled Tonny Wong’s attempt at a three-peat. Tonny, our defending Top Gun, was un-crowned finishing as the runner up. Both Rommel and Tonny were awarded with 150 of cutting edge bullets compliments of Cutting Edge Bullets.

This was Ashley Williams and Scott Armstrong’s first time shooting with Southwest ULR, and it was very clear this was not their first rodeo, and they put on a very impressive performances finishing third and fourth respectively. A strong freshman performance like this means trouble for the rest of us. Even more impressive is Scott’s infamous 7mm STW, that bested 338s,375s, and 416s at subsonic distances. Kurt Stoned rounded out the top five in a very competitive field of shooters, had Kurt not been a full rotation off on his optic on the first stage it would have been a good ole fashion 3-way Mexican standoff for the Top Gun.
Southwest ULR has also received generous new sponsorship from Desert Tactical and Vestals Custom Rifles. The directors and shooters would like to thank our sponsors, Radelow Blades, Vortex Optics, Cutting Edge Bullets, Desert Tech, Vestals Customs Rifles, Precision Arms, and Snipetac for your support, we greatly appreciate it!

The next shoot is August 4th, and our Spring Series finale, The Vortex Optics Fall Series starts September 1st. An invitation to shoot with us can be requested at We will be taking July off, happy birthday America!

First Place (Top Gun): Rommel Jimenea
375 Cheytac (Vestal’s Custom)
Stiller Tac 408
IOR Valdada
353 Lehigh Match Solid

Second Place (Runner Up): Tonny Wong
375 Cheytac (Vestal’s Custom)
Stiller Tac 408
Schmitt and Bender Pmii 12-50
Cutting Edge Bullets 377gr Mtac

Third Place: Ashley Williams
338 Edge
Remington 700
Vortex Razor
300 Berger OTM

Fourth Place: Scott Armstrong
7mm STW
Remington 700
Super Sniper / Burris
Flat Line 7mm 151

Fifth Place: Kurt Stone
375 Cheytac (Vestals Custom)
Stiller Tac 408
Schmitt and Bender Pmii 5-25
Cutting Edge Bullets 377gr

Our next shoot is Aug 4th, if you have a scoped and zeroed 300 Magnum or larger and never shot over a mile, you should give it a try, new shooters are welcome! We can and are happy to team you up with one of our experienced shooters, while we can’t guarantee a hit, but we haven’t failed with a new shooter yet. You will learn more the first time out with us than 20 trips to the range, that we can guarantee!

Aug 4th is the next Southwest ULR shoot, and you may request an invitation at
Southwest ULR Facebook group
Southwest ULR Youtube channel
Win a custom knife at the Radelow Blades Spring Series by Southwest ULR more information at


"Elr junkie" μολὼν λαβέ
Oct 22, 2013
Good to see a rem 700 take 3rd and 4th