***SOLD***WTS/WTT: Blackops Precision 40x .22lr repeater conversion

Apr 15, 2009
Charlotte, NC
I have a 40XB (single shot heavy barrel model) that was sent to Blackops Precision back in the day for their conversion to a repeater. Bush converted it and it has or comes with 2 of his original magazines that fit in the AICS bottom metal. The barrel was chopped down to 18" and threaded 1/2x28 with a thread protector. An APA bolt knob was added to the original bolt. Also has a 20 MOA rail up top and a Timney trigger. This barreled action is about as close as you can get to a real Remington 700 but as a .22lr trainer.

The stock is a McMillan A3, I believe, with adjustable cheek piece and LOP butt plate. It has a Anschultz style rail in the forearm on the bottom. Also has a Surgeon bottom metal. I gave this rig to my son when he was starting out and he took some rattle can to it and made it look pretty. Probably could use a good cleaning and then refinish... if your into that kind of thing. Stock has been bedded for a Rem 700. Only selling it because he has moved to a .223 trainer and its just sitting in the safe for about a year. I have a CZ455 and an Annie so no need for this one too.

Right now it has a Primary Arms 4-14, MIL with the ACSS R-grid reticle and I dont think they offer that anymore. But its been perfect for a trainer.

Asking $2200 shipped OBO for the rifle. Add $300 if you want the scope and rings and bipod. PM me for more pics or if you want to make offers.

Only trades I am looking for is some new glass for his rifle now. Prefer 3-18 or 4-16 area with a horus style reticle. I would love to have a Mk5 or Mk6 3-18 with a tremor 3 reticle. I do not need any more guns or AR parts etc. I am sure I am forgetting something...so just PM me any questions you may have.
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