Sold***Seekins Havak 6.5cm new $1750!

Jan 28, 2010
First $1750 shipped gets it. They don’t get cheaper than the his for new! Who wants it?

Have a brand new Seekins Havak in 6.5 CM. I had ordered this about 5 months ago but ended up buying one from a gentelman on here shortly after placing my order.

Just picked it up from dealer this week.

Asking $1920 ship and insured. Will take PayPal gift. Must ship to your FFL from me personally. Add $25 if I have to ship it from a dealer on my end, can’t imagine your dealer would require that but mine charges that if I do.

Not looking for any trades.

6FB48B0C-B818-47BE-BF56-8B34036E5146.jpeg 9303085F-0F12-4D37-A3E5-B65BF1DDFF9B.jpeg 1492F127-766A-4500-8A1B-F499862F9DDA.jpeg 5226FA50-2183-4968-8458-DCABC23C5A5A.jpeg
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