So now the Communists are attacking Trump for not being "Christian enough" they must be desperate


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Oct 1, 2005
Dallas, TX
So apparently the Communist leaning "News" sites are now attacking Trump as somehow "not Christian enough" because he chose not to or couldn't read some specific sectarian prayer that a bunch of other, doing it for show only people, were mindlessly repeating along with.

That has got to be a new all time low for the "News" media.
I'm guessing they are really at the bottom of the barrel for insults and other such accusations to hurl at Trump.

I would love to be able to tell those idiot "reporters" to their faces what fools and vile creatures they are.

Besides, I wouldn't be repeating that "creed" without significant modifications anyways. Those who say "well just say it because it's xxx" like the stupid "media" suggest once again are being totally ignorant of any meaning.

It's really gone into crazy land when the MSM is attacking you for which religious things you choose and choose not to recite.


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May 7, 2009
To a radical liberal communist cunt, you are either a tool or an obstacle. GHW Bush is now a tool, as is GWB. A Decade ago, they were obstacles and every communist fuck would’ve paid to have them both murdered


Swamp Rat
Sep 28, 2012
Central Florida
And were they MSM not part and parcel to selling Obama as a “Christian” back when we all knew better? Such a pile of hypocrites. Any attack port in a storm.