seems excessive bullet shift when shooting suppressed

finally got may suppressor.......and got time to shoot it today......wondering what others are seeing for bullet shift suppressed vs not suppressed. My creedmoor looks to be 1mil down and .2 right.....does that seem normal.........I have a threaded mount Dakota silencer. I was pleased with the reduction in noise.
With my TBAC Ultra I've got about .5 MOA difference.

I wonder how much the suppressor has to do with this vs the concentricity of the threads on the muzzle to the bore. If its even off a hair I'd think it would cause irregular flight of bullet?

To correct this I've decided to shoot suppressed all the time. Why not?!?!
The amount of shift isn't the issue. The issue is it's predictability. I have one worse than that but 100% predictable.
oh and i agree shoot suppressed all the time and it becomes a non-issue
I'll check it out again is supposed to be good. LRI did the barrel, and the machine work is impeccable. I appreciate the feedback......I'll give it another try and hopefully it will be predictable. Thanks again.
With POI shift, factories, #1 Barrel Profile, #2 Threading ( concentric) #3. mount your using.
AS long as it is repeatable your good to go. Most of the time i have seen .1-.5 mil poi shift.
HOWEVER i have a SF 762RC that is 1.5mil left and .8 down. 100% repeatable.
Take it off then put it back on to see what happens. The weight of the can affects the barrel harmonics plus youll get a little more velocity due to the free bore boost. Zero it with the can and always shoot it with the can.
I've been told by an engineer that design suppressors that point of impact shift also has to do with the type of baffles. Whether they are symmetrical or asymmetrical.

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update on the is predictable.....dial 1mil up and .4 right.......shoots well.......and really appreciate the noise reduction. Magnetospeed records an increase of 30-50 fps increase
Most cans will have a small poi shift from having the can off or on. A lot of the mounts now day are repeatable as well, in my experience at least.
i have a direct thread dakota silencer and i have the same story going on.mine is about .5 mil up but almost 1 mil to the left. is your 1st shot a litttle different too? i never believed in a rifle putting a 1st shot in a different spot until this thing. my first shot through a cold can is always .3 mil left. weather its me shooting or someone else. i thought maybe its a psychological thing that now i believe it so now it happens, so i took a friend shooting who ive never told it does that, and he had the same results. so i dial .3 right for my first shot of a string and its fine then, weird.


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I am using the same suppressor on 4 rifles. I had the 2 gas guns out today and the GAP10 260 had a 4moa low POI shift at 100 yds! VERY predictable as it had the same low shift last time I tried it.
Same can on my 308 AR10 has no POI shift.

Both rifles have 20" barrels but the AR10 is noticeably heavier.


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My 30/06 light hunting barrel shits 1 mil down with my Ultra 9. Completely repeatable. Conversely my Savage heavy barrel is .1 mil..... I just zero both for suppressed anyway.
I almost always get some degree of change, typically down .5-1.5MOA. Sometimes a bit of a lateral shift. The lateral shift can sometimes be rectified by having the can indexed to the barrel like Elite Iron does. Their cans only have vertical changes, much easier to deal with.

In general, the lighter the barrel, heavier the can and the looser the can attaches will all aid in shift. Some can be accounted for, some not. I have my rifles with dedicated cans so I just record the difference and when a can goes on, I make the change and vice versa. Think about it: with barrel harmonics, wouldn't a lighter, thinner barrel along with a heavier, loose fitting can cause more whip?

Some of the shorter and heavier barrels with lighter cans (like my 8.5 Noveske .300BLK bbl. and Ultra 5 can) have almost zero noticeable change. My worst is an AAC SDN6 that uses a fairly loose mount along with a fairly long and thin barrel. Change can be 2MOA or more low.

My better cans, my indexed .50BMG Elite Iron has very little shift despite weight and size; it's also indexed and very well made. The Saker is similar too, very tiny vertical shift despite weight. Ultras do well in general, just so light and with tight fitting mounts. So do short cans. AAC is the worst but they wobble and wiggle a lot without work, but I got 'em cheap. Wish I'd just bought Sakers instead though.