Savage Barrel Clean Out

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Oct 30, 2011
Tacoma, WA
In my constant effort to find a rifle I want to keep, Ive rebarreled both of my savage rifles and am looking to sell the takeoffs/spares.

I plan to ship in a usps mailing tube and from what I can tell, the shipping may be as much as $25. I plan to include shipping in my price.

The following are available:

1. Savage 300 win-mag, fitted with muzzle brake that is machined to fit flush. Barrel length is about 25.5” and 1:10 twist. Round count is 180. During initial installation, barrel was “scuffed” when barrel wrench slipped. Barrel has shot ~0.4 Moa groups with 210 ablr bullets, so scuff doesn’t seem to affect performance. - $140 obo shipped


2. 6.5x284 Norma takeoff from Savage 116. This is a factory 24” 1:8 with 200 rounds fired. Barrel seems to be in perfect cosmetic conditions and very little wear in general. I’ve never installed this one so I can’t comment on accuracy. I can include the barrel nut with the sale. - $90 shipped obo



3. 30-06 22” takeoff from a Stevens 200. Round count unknown. Was able to get to 3/4 MOA accuracy with minor effort Reloading. Scratch from barrel nut removal as shown. Would like to sell with 25-06 barrel to cut shipping.


4. 25-06 22” takeoff from Stevens 200. Round count unknown. Barrel likes Hornady American white tail ammo and will shoot 3/4 to 1 MOA with it.
Can include factory barrel nuts for both Stevens barrels. How about $80 shipped for the pair?

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