SOLD Savage 243 w/Criterion Light Varmint, bullets, dies


Jan 6, 2014
Savage 243 with Criterion light varmint profile barrel. Has the better quality savage DBM. Accutrigger set to approx. 2.5 lbs. Rifle is in great condition, seen the range a few times and the field twice.

1:10 twist
24" savage prefit barrel small shank
Bell and carlson M40 stock
Savage short action, bottom bolt release
Detachable magazine and bottom metal
Savage accutrigger
Bedded with marine tex

I've put 135 documented rounds through this one. It shoots very very well, in fact i worked up one load with it with Barnes 62 gr. varmint grenades over 40.5g Varget see photo below. I stopped once i got that load, no doubt it could be improved on even more (did not play with seating depth at all). Was pretty happy with four shots touching though.

$950 shipped will include:
5 boxes of 62 gr barnes varmint grenades
RCBS dies
Talley 30MM mediums

A la carte:
Barrel, Nut, Lug - $275 shipped
Stock, Action, Bottom Metal, factory mag, talleys - $650 shipped (prefer to sell together since action is bedded into stock)
5 boxes barnes 62g varmint grenades - $115 shipped

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