RWS Nucleus Barreled action 6mm caliber of your choice


Gunny Sergeant
Commercial Supporter
Mar 26, 2006
Manning, Iowa
I ordered this action for a customer but he got tired of waiting and we decided to build on a different action. I just received this action and I have a extra 6mm bartlein 1-7.5 twist in the marksmen contour, max finished length is 28″. Caliber choices are. 243 win, 6mm br, 6mm dasher, 6×47 lapua, 6xc, 6mm creedmor, 6mm comp match. Barrel will be cut and crowned at your specified length. Barrel finish will be a brushed finished. Other options are available but aren’t included in this price. Any questions please contact me.

Please use the link below to view and purchase.

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