Ruger kicking Remingtons A**

I have always been a long time supporter of Remington. Remington is favorite in the Chevy vs Ford argument. But I have to say, for inexpensive guns, Ruger has stepped up their game and dominated Remington. The RPR has dominated the 1000-1200 platform. Ruger re-released the 9mm sp101, the pc Carbine and updated it. Now they just announced that the came out with a 22 caliber trainer.

Gray Squirrel

Protect the nuts.
I just recently shot the RPR in .308. Out of the box (after a few rounds to break in the barrel and to zero the scope) I shot a 3-shot group at 100 yds that you could easily cover with a dime. I was very impressed with that kind of accuracy out of the box. The ergonomics were also pretty well thought out (I do like the AR style safety selector).

Now the real questions is, can the RPR take the abuse that the Remingtons can in an operational setting and still perform as well. Remington definitely knows how to make a pretty tough rifle.

Gray Squirrel

Protect the nuts.
In terms of sales, Savage is putting the smack down on both Ruger and Remington. Who would have ever thought that could happen?
Yeah, Savage went from a small cult following to a full blown leader in the bolt action scene. But I think Ruger is gonna steal some of that business with the RPR. The RPR is a complete package with phenomenal accuracy. At the RPR price point, it would be difficult trying to match it with a build (barreled action, chassis, picatinny, muzzle brake). And I'm a huge Savage fan too, currently shooting a Savage 10 FCP SR.
As to the RPR reliability question..... I have a RPR in 6.5. Shot the barrel out at about 2800 rounds. Rebarreled it have about 800 down the new barrel and have had zero issues.