Ruger American


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Oct 10, 2018
I bought a ruger american predator in 223. Ditched the stock for a boyd atone polished the bolt and handle glassbedded her. Put a compensator on there and developed some loads . It's an extremely nice shooting gun I really appreciate that budget build I will shot .5 -.7 moa all day long for a fraction of the price of a high end gun. Happy happy happy rps20180918_072419_779.jpg rps20180918_072549_522.jpg rps20180918_072505_659.jpg
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Sep 30, 2010
How are you liking that AT-one stock? I have a similiar set up. Ruger American Predator but I dropped it into a youth OEM stock for my daughter. I have been tickled pink at how accurate that damn thing is, especially for the price point. It makes a wonderful trainer for my daughter. I would like to get her into a little better stock than the factory youth stock and have been eyballing the Magpul Hunter and that Boyd's AT-one. Does the Boyds still utilize the factory rotary mag? Beause that mag is terrible and she struggles to load it which is why I was looking at the magpul for the AICS pattern mags.


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Oct 10, 2018
Same mag but a great stock. I bedded mine and opened up the barrel channel enough for a buissnes card to fit. I like the fact that I can adjust it to my liking and if someone else is shooting it (kids) I can shorten it up, and the price is just unbearable for a stock with those options. I love it both looks and function. And you are right about the accuracy. All I did was put a break on her and polished up and lightened my trigger. I also polished my bolt. And replaced the plastic bolt shroud, it's a sub moa gun all day long.
Jan 9, 2018
Bel Air, MD
John, I built a rifle for my son who is 9 with a Ruger American. I chose to use one of the MDT LSS-XL stocks that Brownells carries. The reason was I was able to put a 6 position collapsing stock on it so the length of pull can grow with him. I put a magpul ACS on it which has a really nice wide surface for a good cheek weld. I mounted the scope really low and he didn’t need a riser. I also picked up one of the triggers Timney is making for the rifle for about $100 which is head and shoulders better than the factory trigger. It isn’t in the photo but I also ordered a replacement bolt knob from anarchy outdoors. It cost about $45 and only took a few minutes to install. It is much easier to manipulate. Also, the MDT chassis uses AICS pattern magazines. Oddly enough we have found that the Magpul AICS pattern magazines seem to feed the better with the chassis than the MDT magazines that go with it. The rifle is an absolute tack driver. It consistantly shoots sub .5 MOA with hand loads and the Hornady custom lite ammo. At first I wished the barrel was a little heavier but as it turned out the lighter profile barrel is better because it is so much lighter. We load a reduced load for the rifle so it doesn’t heat up as fast as you would think.



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Mar 8, 2014
Just dropped my 6.5CM Predator into a Magpul hunter stock. It's a good stock for hunting, which is the rifle's primary use. Just have to get the lower cheek risers and it will be about done. More parts coming in next week and a suppressor in the next month or two.