Ruger American Predator Bolt Issue

I took my new, and cleaned, RAP 6.5 creedmoor to the range yesterday for the fist time and experienced a handful of issues when cycling the bolt. First of which, with the bolt closed and the mag full, the bolt would get stuck when pulling back to put a round into the chamber, scaring the brass. To relieve the issue I usually had to slam the bolt back after pushing it forward again. Second, when chambering the round, it would not feed properly aligned 25% of the time, not allowing the bolt to close. Lastly, after firing one of the last of 40 rounds, the bolt jammed, not allowing me to cycle the fired round out. I was finally able to break it free with a substantial amount of force on the bolt.---My immediate thought was a headspace issue but after measuring the Hornady Black factory rounds, this was not the case. In addition the extractor would only work properly about 50-75% of the time. I have uploaded videos yo youtube trying to capture these issues the best I could (links below). Also I have a picture of the all the brass shavings in the chamber and a picture of the bolt included, there is a small divot where the tapper on the bolt groove begins to increase. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do your all's bolts look the same? Any opinions about the issues? I plan on calling Ruger on Monday, but looking to see what everyone else thinks. Thanks.

Problem 1:
Problem 2:



Gunny Sergeant
Check the screws of your picatinny rail they could be too long. Looks like the bolt is dragging.
Check the action screws also maybe too long also.
What happens when no bullets or mag(if it has a mag) is removed. Is there any drag as shown.
What happens when barreled action without scope rail and mag and action is cycled.
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