RTC questions....


Gunny Sergeant
Jul 19, 2008
To put on a RTC regional qualifier....

Is there any min / max distance requirements? In other words I MD/RO a shorter distance club shoot, 115Y, 227Y, 337Y, & 426Y....can this be used as a qualifier?

Do you have to have both divisions (limited and open) shoot the match, or can the match just be "open"?

My club's range has more of a traditional straight firing line, though movement of teams or squads from distance / stages can be implemented, along with concealed stages. In other words, can this type of traditional firing line be used vs "as seen on TV" firing points?

Though according to the RTC 2017 guidelines of a match being able to be registered at any time, how much time is needed to register a qualifier before an event is planned on being held? In other words, a deadline - if I was able to plan and facilitate an event on say June 1st, do I need to register it a week, month, etc. beforehand?

Can a RTC match be held in "concert" with another club shoot, or does it have to be a stand alone event?