?? Rock River R3 upper ??


Mar 25, 2014
I'm wanting a upper, thats pretty accurate, and don't want to build one. Thinking of getting 18" stainless fluted upper. It has Wilson barrel. It says it shoots 3/4"MOA. This upper is mid-length gas, whereas seems most 18", is going rifle length. I want something thats accurate, w/ a compensator on end. What what you guys think of this upper, or what would you reccommend buying, thats comperable accuracy?

Kinda my two concerns about this, is , how much smoother/less recoil would a rifle length gas be, or would I even feel the diference in recoil b/t the two? The other, is it's not exactly a light upper, but, for something that is accurate, maybe the weight is reasonable.

this is the upper

this is the barrel
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