Remington 40X Repeater Build

Alpine 338

Jun 26, 2010
NW Colorado
Remington 40-X(B) Heavy Barrel, Commercial Release 22 LR converted to a repeater by Modicam Custom Rifles. Jonathan at MCR is the premier gunsmith who has done most of the conversions for these 40-X's. This is the precursor rifle to the Vudoo V-22, and uses the same repeater system and magazines.

The rifle comes complete with a Near Mfg 20-moa rail, in a McMillan A5 stock, that has the adjustible clamp-bar cheek rest and adjustible LOP, and McMillan bipod rail. It was professionally painted in the true MultiCam pattern. The Bottom Metal is a Badger M5, which is Cerikoted MilSpec OD Green. Rifle will come with one 10-round magazine.

I have a pair of these, and they have been used as training rifles for positional and barricade type scenarios.

As you can see in the pictures, the rifle is in really good shape for something that is 55-years old. I can get 1/2" groups at 60-yards routinely with Wolf Match Target or Lapua 10X.

It comes with the original 40-X trigger, that I estimate breaks just above 2-lbs.

I'm no longer shooting unrealistic positional matches, and would like to get some NV equipment, so need to let this one go.

Scope, scope mount, and bipod are not included, but I can workout a deal if someone is interested in the package.

Complete rifle is $2600 plus shipping and insurance.

Barreled action with trigger and rail is $1600 plus shipping and insurance.

Cash, check, or money order only. No PayPal or other forms of electronic payments accepted. Add $50 transfer fee, and packaging costs if your FFL requires shipping from my FFL.

Only trades I'd be interested in is a Knights PVS-30 (non-surplus or rebuild, unless the trade is heavily in my favor).

Stock and bottom metal are not for sale separately, nor is the bipod, scope or mount.

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Aug 19, 2010
North Denver, CO
THe group size will vary on your ammo and almost directly on the price of the ammo! DO not fear that. Sweet rifle and you cant build it cheaper. 1" at 100 pretty regular if wind behaves on every 40x Ive ever shot (and I own a few)

Was shooting mine last weekend. Bump for a great price.
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