QuickLoad and H1000


PFC Snuffy
May 12, 2008
South of Expected
Has anyone else found that QL results for H1000 significantly under-predict actual performance? I've occasionally had to tune other powder files for lot-to-lot variations and primer changes but this is different. I've confirmed that it's not due to a data entry error.

Hawk in WY

Sep 20, 2013
I have no experience with H1000, but I have seen higher pressures with several powders than QuickLOAD predicts.

I now start on a lower node, chronograph the velocity and adjust the burn rate of the powder so QuickLOAD's prediction matches the actual velocity. Only then do I move to a higher node.

The QuickLOAD user manual is useless, but it does warn that powder burn rates can vary 10% or more. I have yet to find a powder that produced higher velocity than QuickLOAD predicts. There does seem to be a bias in the wrong direction.

H2O capacity of a fired case has a similar effect.

Having said that, I do find QuickLOAD to be a useful tool. It is, however, very much a black box where the output is very much a function of the input.

Good luck.