Opinions on F-T/R low budget stock


Jan 27, 2007
Union NJ
Looking for your opinions for a low budget stock for the F-T/R rifle (my first) I'm building. Rifle is a Remington 40XC 308 1-10" 24" barrel. no stock at present. Sinclair bipod, Sightron 8-32x56 scope. Max yardage is 600 yds in my area. I'm looking at this HS Tactical stock. $380 on line price is about top of my budget. Will this be OK for the competition? Is there any other viable options in this price range?

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Aug 10, 2001
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No experience with HS, this is my F T/R stock, except mine is set up for the Savage. I own a pair, each has a Savage 11VT riding in it, a .223 and a .308. The .223 was shot at the Berger SW LR Nationals F T/R MR/600yd matches last February; and I think it was very clearly capable.

My two Savages still have the factory 2-piece scope bases mounted, and no cheek height adjustment is needed with medium rings and 44mm objectives. This scope clearly resolves 22 caliber bullet holes for me at 300yd. My Bipod is a 6"-9" Harris knockoff.


PS IMHO a 40XC is a lot of rifle for a starter gun. No issue, and it will work fine as progress is made, but the 11VT's are clearly adequate for the task as a starter rifle. The above packages, list prices only, add up to $758.96; which is why I can afford the two rifles. The .223 is almost fully load developed, the .308 is just getting started.

Right now, the bulk of my load development work is being applied to a pair of Stag Model 6 Super Varminters. For now, the 11VT .223 load is Win brass, CCI BR-4, Hornady 75gr HPBT-Match loaded to magazine feeding length, and 24.4gr of Varget.

The .308 preliminary (not developed at all) load is Win Brass, CCI BR-2, Hornady 178gr ELD-X loaded to magazine feeding length, and 42.2gr of IMR-4064, but this load is just for pressure testing purposes and scope zeroing, and clearly needs more development.
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Feb 23, 2013
I am quite fond of that PST stock and have two for short action Remingtons that I have shot extensively in prone matches, both F T/R and with a sling. I drilled the stock and used a Karsten kydex cheek piece on the stock I shoot from a sling. They were a lot cheaper fifteen years ago.


Jan 27, 2007
Union NJ
Thanks for responces. The equipment mentioned is already owned. I sold the Macmillan position kevlar stock to help finance the build and bought anoher gun with the money. OOPs. With that stock off the bench the rifle shot groups at 200 yds that impressed me with Federal Gold 175 gn ammo. I will be lhand loading for it in the future. I will be investigating the Choate stock. Especially because the 40XC has a ADL trigger guard a d the Choate has that style available.



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Sep 4, 2010
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As long as your stock is solid and dosn't flex under recoil you are fine. The shape if the forend is irrelevant in F-TR because you run a bipod. I personally want some drop to the toe so I can slide up and back to adjust vertical, even though I typically run a Seb Joypod. (just don't look at my stocks for an example, Ive been at this long enough now that I've gone and spent a whole lot of $$ on custom wood.)

May 15, 2011
I started with a Manners T4A, fit and shot well. Switched to a custom stock for a year and could never get as comfortable. The T4A was in use on a tac rifle. Having a couple of Choates on older training rifles I have learned these are comparable ergonomically to the T4A so I added another on the Ftr. Not as pretty but shoots as well, with a rigid internal chassis and bedding block. I can't justify spending more than its $200 cost due to great performance.
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