Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge


Theory of Devolution
May 6, 2017
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Since it has been made clear that only a certain echelon of shooter and equipment are welcome at KO2M events, this may be an interesting alternative:

Nightforce ELR Steel ChallengeNight Force ELR at Q Creek
Match starts: June 15, 2019 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: June 16, 2019 @ 5:00 PM
po box 2850
Mills, WY 82644
We have changed the format of the match this year in order to capture new shooters to this venue. The format will be long range hunting and ELR friendly. There will be two classes Precision Hunting and Open gun. Hunting will need to abide by Idaho State hunting regulations and the rifle with everything attached cannot weigh over 16 pounds. Open guns have no upper limit. There will be a little hiking but every shooting area is APA accessible.
The shooting positions will all be prone (field prone) in natural terrain. Scoring and target engagement will be 2-1 scoring for first and second round hits. The competitor will be allowed two attempts at each target. Once the target is hit the target will be considered dead or neutralized and the competitor will move to the next target. Stages will have up to 4 targets so max round count per stage would be 8 and minimum would be 4 with 3 minutes to shoot so single shot, top loader, heavy caliber and barrel friendly. Calibers up to 416 Barrett and copper solid bullets will be allowed.

This match is a combined effort from Scott Satterlee and Tad Anderson from Q Creek both solid match directors, Hunters, competitive shooters and friends teaming up to make this the best event possible. We have been running high quality matches since 2010 and registration typically fills and we typically get over 100 competitors at every match. We are going to cap registration at 160 this year.

There have been a few extended or extreme long range matches in the past but have been relatively low attendance matches. Q Creek Ranch offers a venue where we can host 140 shooters and engage targets out to 2,100 yards from multiple areas. The round count for this match will be under 160 and we will have over 70 pieces of steel for competitors to engage. Each piece of steel will have a target hit indicator attached either a magneto speed or IRIS system. The stages will be scenario based and be 100 percent applicable to long range employment at a realistic level.
Long Range Rifle match,
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Jan 18, 2019
signed up as soon as it opened. I hope it's as fun as it sounds. This will be my first ELR experience at a match. Plenty out to 1200 but the extended ranges will be a new journey altogether. Hope to see some other hide members out there with me.


Sergeant of the Hide
Nov 20, 2018
Spokane, WA
Update on the sponsors! we are floored by the support for the change in match format. We have 126 folks signed up since 1 Feb and the slots are going fast. The list of sponsors is going fast as well.
Nightforce Optics
Accuracy International
Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool
Alpha Munitions
American Rifle Series
American Precision Arms
Armageddon Gear
B&T Industries
Badger Ordnance
Ballistic-X App
Bartlein Barrels
Bighorn Arms
Blue Mountain Precision
Brux Barrels
Burris Optics
Curtis Customs
Cutting Edge Bullets
D-M Targets
Defiance Machine
Desert Tech
Devil Dog Arms
GA Precision
Grayboe Stocks
Hawk Hill Customs
Hog Saddle
H-S Precision
J Allen Enterprises
JC Steel Targets
JJ Rock Co.
Leupold Optics
Liberty Suppressors
Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels
Kestrel Ballistics
KMW Long Range Solutions
Mack Brothers
MAD Custom Coatings
Manners Composite Stocks
MasterPiece Arms
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks
Modular Driven Technologies
Patriot Valley Arms
Peterson Cartridge
Phone Skope
Proof Research
R Bros Rifles
Really Right Stuff
Reasor Precision
Redding Reloading Equipment
Revic Optics
Rifles Only
Sawtooth Rifles
Short Action Customs
Short Action Precision
Special Purpose Rifles
Stiller's Actions
TAB Gear
The Multi Use Block (aka The MUB)
Thunder Beast Arms Corp.
Vapor Trail Bullets
Vestals Custom Rifles
Vortex Optics
Vudoo Gun Works
Warner Tool Company
West Texas Ordnance
Wilcox Industries
Wild Horse Distillery