Napoleonic Rifle Use/Importance

Forgetful Coyote

Dec 13, 2011
We all know the Greencoats'(British Ranger/Rifle regiments) Baker Rifle most certainly laid the groundwork for a mass produced/issues standardized military rifle, being much more suited to field conditions, etc. And hence we should also know the importance the Baker Rifle played in the Napoleonic Wars among the Brit rifle regiments as well as among the Cacadores(sp?) and the Russians too IIRC, and most certainly the Spanish guerrillas armed by the Brits as well. Thank god Napoleon put his nose up in rhe air at the thought of arming his skirmishers with rifles(too slow to load for his taste/style) or else it could have given him quite a edge..

Perhaps @sirhrmechanic knows whether there was some British Indian rifle-skirmisher units to go along with that..?? (The Baker Rifle made its way to India in short time regardless.)

With that said, my question is what importance the Jager-Stutzen rifles played within the Prussian Army's(and I suppose other German city-states as well) during the Napoleonic Wars? Were the Jagers as prevalent in the Prussian ranks as much/more/less(?) as the rifle units/riflemen were amongst the British ranks.