My two favorite reticles: H59 and T2/3


Artillery Major
So, I begin by saying I love Hourus reticles and their cousin, Tremor. in the mil-mil variety, H59 and Tremor 2 are great. And now cometh T-3. What I am really interested, is how do you differentiate and compare and contrast the H58/59 and the T2/3. To me, I use them quite interchangeably, but for the reticle retentives out here, please share your thoughts.
I personally think the tremor reticles suck. But the h59 rocks. The wind dot concept is retarded. It doesn't take much mental capacity to hold wind on a h59


Gunny Sergeant
I compete and though I somewhat like the H59, I don't like that those reticles negate a shooter's ability to engage in hold-unders if necessary. I know you technically still can, it's just not a precise subtension.
I just switched to the H59 reticle for this season. It has taken some getting used to, but I'm really liking it for PRS.

I'm not a fan of the Tremor.
i mostly use the H59 and have only used the Tremor a few times. the H59 is more intuitive and less busy (as far as a Horus reticle goes). i think anyone could use the H59. The Tremor requires a lot of time to understand whats going on but id imagine like anything else, once you get used to it its fine. i would like to see how the Tremor4 works in a spotter. havent seen this in the wild yet.
I've had the H58 and 59, much prefer the 59 because of the dot. I want to see a 59 ish reticle with every other mil a different font and every line numbered, both to make it less possible to mistake a holdover.

Even I think the T reticles are too much and more than necessary.