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Grumpy OB
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Feb 13, 2017
Bassett, VA
Ok, still in shock on how stupid some people are. I roll into the bridge toll booth with my GSD with his head out of his cage/window.

The lady goes: "Oh he is so cute can i pet him, does he want a cookie"?
Me: Definitely No! And no thank you on the cookie"
Lady: Is he a service DOG? (NO TIME TO ANSWER) What does he do for you?
......Low pitched noise rising from the back at this point, ready to go barky bark....
Me: Oh he runs around and shits all over the place and bites people.
Lady: Oh really?
Me: Yes, that's what makes me happy!

I hand her the money and drive off with her looking very confused

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This is the look he had on his face as we pulled out. Dumbfounded......
That's the "Why can't I bite the stupid person?" look:ROFLMAO: