Modern Day Sniper, Positional Shooting Seminar, Yakima, WA MAR 27-28 | MAY 7-8


May 29, 2017
Cowiche, WA
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Course Title: Positional Shooting Seminar

Skill Level: Intermediate (You should already have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship and rifle setup before coming to this seminar. Suitable experience from us would be Circle of Components Seminar, Precision Rifle 101 or 201, or an equivalent curriculum from an accredited training organization.)

Maximum Number of Tickets: 10x

Course MSRP: $500

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Description:

Ahh… Positional shooting, the bain of most shooter’s existence. It’s challenging, and the wobble just never seems to go away, does it? We get it, and we understand that it can be incredibly frustrating to constantly fight that wobble. Oh, and we also get that it can be painful for some folks to get themselves into shooting positions because of previous injuries, or maybe you’re just not as flexible as you used to be…. Wherever you’re at, we’ve been there. We’ve struggled to rid ourselves of that wobble that keeps you up at night, and to be comfortable with discomfort in a contorted position.

The bottom line is that we should only be using the prone position (or a bench) for three things really. Zeroing your rifle scope, testing ammunition accuracy, or when the wind is nuking like Chernobyl. Outside of that, very rarely are shots taken from the prone. Whether you’re a professional sniper, competition shooter, or a hunter you’ll not be shooting from the prone very often, and if you do that chances of it being perfect are slim to none. Outside of that, the true test of marksmanship is being able to get the rifle to point at the target with as little or no effort from us long enough to press the trigger and deliver a clean shot. Easier said than done!

Our positional shooting clinic is all about coaching. We’ll take a deep-dive into the Natural Point of Aim, peeling back the layers of what it is and how to get yourself into it with ease and how to check it with intuition. Body awareness is key here, and that’s where we’ll spend a lot of time as well. Being able to look at a shooting position and know exactly where you need to put your body to obtain an NPA is how you’ll become a faster, more efficient shooter. You’ll learn how to stretch your body, and “check in” with where it’s at in relation to the target and the rifle.

What you’ll learn:

  • Natural Point of Aim deep-dive
  • Personalized coaching
  • Tripod shooting techniques
  • Barricade shooting techniques
  • Body awareness drills
  • Stretches
  • Economy of motion shooting drills

What’s Next: After completing this level of training you should have a solid base of skills for more advanced levels of training that will test your ability to apply these concepts under the stresses of time and other environmental conditions. We recommend the following:

  1. Precision Rifle 101
  2. Wind Seminar
  3. Precision Rifle 201
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