Match in the Rain

I couldnt figure out where to put this question so Ill go here. Looks like this weekend will be raining. My questions are:

1. What do you take with you on rain days that you normally wouldnt take and what for?
a list of "couldnt live without" and "nice to have" with general use of item.

2. What do you do after the match as far as cleaning and maintenance?
i.e. take barreled action out of stock? remove trigger group? ( I dont know how far to go)
i take a lawn sized heavy duty trash bag to keep my pack in...keeps its 99% dry after the match so i dont have to worry with drying it out or any of my stuff inside getting soaked

i bring some pieces of chamois cloth to wipe my scope lens if i need it...i also run a sun shade to help keep water off the objective

i usually have a small wind/rain jacket in my pack and throw it over my rifle if its just sitting and waiting, and i make sure my bolt stays pushed forward (bolt up, but not back) to keep any excess water from getting into the chamber

if youre running hot loads, you better keep your chamber and ammo dry...will be a bad time if not

some ziplock bags to keep some stuff dry in, if you do paper dope on cards for a wrist band or use a grease pen, however you do it

when im done, if its muddy i spray it off with a hose and let it dry...if its just wet then i just set it out and let it dry...once it dry ill wipe down the outside and then run a oil patch down the barrel...i run an AI so theres no taking it apart to wipe down, but if it was a standard gun, id take it apart, blow it out with some compressed air and let it dry then wipe it down after
Those are some good suggestions. Want to know what kind of rain gear you use. I have hunting rain gear but its very bulky. For this match I have to grab what I can which will be frog toggs. Not the best for this type of work but I dont have quick access to anything else.

For putting your bolt forward, do you use a rubber band to keep the bolt up but still slide it forward? Is that correct?
im not sure if frogg toggs has different options but dont buy the cheap ones...ive literally never seen a pair make it thru a match...most everyone rips the crotch out the first time they go to lay down or kneel lol they dont stretch or resist tearing at all...they are trash...i dont have any heavy duty rain gear, just a pair of water proof pants and a light jacket, its the small pack-able kind from Academy here local...its rarely cold here in TX so just keeping me dry is the only thing it needs to do

yes, some use the rubber band from the bolt handle to the turret, but i just push mine and leave it, carry muzzle down, and it doesnt slip open...either way works
What Morgan said... Saw idk how many pairs of those Frog Togg things rip at the Kansas PRS match.

Literately nothing changes pack and gun wise for rain. I just throw on some rain gear and get to it. Hell if its a decent day out I'll probably just not use the rain gear and get wet, ain't gunna hurt ya.
If I had a chance to go to academy or any place for that matter I would have. Ive worn toggs for fishing a few years ago so that what I was familiar with. Most of our matches put us driving through larger cities. This one doesnt at all so mail order it was. Its kind of a catch 22 here. You see, Ill let the wife rip hers and say "see thats why we need xyz rain gear". Which of course is more expensive!! Next weekend shows a good chance of rain yet again only this time we will be going through a large city that has opportunity to pick up some that may last. I do like the extreme pack-ability of toggs, and they do a good job of keeping you pretty dry as Ive been in some pretty wet conditions in bass tourneys. I figure they will be trashed or at least the pants. The first shingled roof and they will be over. I could wear my knee pads on the outside and look like a complete douche. lol