Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion


Feb 2, 2019
Savannah GA
As far as my pack goes, currently the plan is to run an Osprey Aether 70L without the top lid. I still need to work on getting a rifle strapped to it and getting that all dialed in.

A question I have for those who've gone to these before is what do you do for a rear bag if anything? The other night I weighed my pint sized game changer and it was around 3 pounds. I found that bag really helpful at the Guardian event that shot at, but I'm not humping around an extra 3# if I don't need to. I was thinking about opening up a corner and letting the fill out and replacing it with something much lighter from a hobby store or something.
I'm running an Armageddon gear fat bag, I believe they are also offering an ultralight filling for all of their production bags as well.