M40A3 Questions

I'm looking for information on the accessories/equipment used by the USMC on the M40A3. It may be posted here somewhere but I haven't found it.

QD sling swivels - What QD sling swivels were used? Were they supplied by McMillan with the stocks or procured separately? What width was used?

Slings - What was issued with the M40A3?

Bipods - I've seen the Harris 6"-9" swivel with KMW Pod-Loc mentioned in several places, but some posts say notched legs and another said no-notches. Which is correct?

Any input?


Thanks for the info, I'm glad to find the source!

Did you supply the Quick Cuff Model 1 with swivels or the Model 2 without?




The issued slings on all the M40A3's I used were leather with QD swivel's, I'm not saying that Mike is incorrect but there can be variances between units. As for the bipod, the Harris 6-9" with KMW Pod-Loc was issued with M40A3's.
Very first M40A3 had leather slings. They started issuing my slings 2005. In whole USMC has purchased thousands of my slings for the M40 A3 A4 and semi autos. Not incorrect on this in any way
Also I never provided Swivels on the slings for military. When I was first bidding on contract Uncle Mikeshad shut down production of Flush Cup Swivels and Grovtec had not gone into production so I told them to source somewhere else because I did not want to put China made Swivels onthe slings.

They source fromChampionshooter Supply
I said A3 and A4. I meant A3 and A5 rifle systems

as to seeing some issued without my slings. Alas some where stolen out of packets like everything is in military. I have seen plenty in the field though. If you want exact number sold to USMC contact US Tactical Supply. He handled all my USMC sling sales