M40 copy project


I started my M40 copy project finally. got an adl stock off ebay, had the bottom metal already, Badger mount, I have achoice in glass either a Leupold greenie, or a redfield 3x9 with the correct reticle. I got a 700 308 varmint from Field and Stream.
So it beginsIMG_E3031.JPG stock is stripped and first sanding done, time to inlet the barrel,IMG_E3077.JPGI need to inlet the bottom metal , finish sand and oil,then get the barrel cut to 24" and parkerized. For now I'll have to go with the cheesy plastic buttplate. Good thing my landlord is at Camp Perry, his garage is awash in rifle parts, sandpaper, and sawdust.


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Nov 6, 2011
Stripping that original Remington RKW finish is no easy task.

If you took the time to do so you are certainly invested in your M40 project.

Regards your scopes......

The original Redding will provide you with a more authentic experience even if it is not green. If @tokiwartooth comes online and wants to take more anodizing work you may at some point in the future get to have your Redfield greened up.


for plain shooting I prefer the Leupold replica.

I have set a solid 100 yard zero than use the mild dots for holdovers. No need to worry if the scope is repeatable because I dont move anything.

with 5 mils I have figured close to 700 yards of use. Recently I was going to bring my M40/Leupold combo to a 900 yard range but that got screwed up.

To go that distance I had intended to determine the magnification setting needed to double the value of my mil dots (plus or minus 4.5X) than use that setting to get up to 10 mils through the glass.

The Leupold scope with mil scale will be the most useful of the two scopes if you want to use the rifle as a regular shooter.

I just recently got my second M40esque rifle, this one chambered in .223 both it and its .308 brother wear Leupold greenies.

For a time I had a Weaver T10 on my .308 M40. Its a fantastic scope with some USMC useage (M40A1) but it just didnt give me the M40 experience I was looking for.

Keep us occupied with lots of pictures of your project.
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That is pretty much the plan as far as scopes go, I like the idea of using the old redfield
The greenie right now is on my 233 m40a1ish sortof. I like that combo.
First I need to get this current project up and running then I’ll figure out the glass
Yea I would love to get it anodized hopefully Toki is up and running soon


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Feb 13, 2017
This is a great project! Please keep us posted on your progress...
I did a similar build, but started out with an old police stock.