Lh k31


Southpaw Shooter
Feb 2, 2011
Tupelo, MS
Does anyone know where I can get a LH op rod for a K31? Something along lines of the Burgin device or Swiss Products conversion. Or is anyone handy enough to make one? I've tried to contact the companies that made them previously but not sure if they are in business.

k31Swiss products.jpg

k31LH op rod.jpg



Sergeant of the Hide
Jan 26, 2019
Lost Prairie Montana
This is something that I want to reintroduce badly, but the fly in the ointment is $$$$s.
Our original method is far too expensive, requiring almost 90% handwork forming, fitting and finishing. We barely made 10% on those LHOs, and I only continued it for as long as I had because the one from CH was far too expensive as it was.

Our new method requires equipment costing an excess of $14,000.oo. We have a tremendous amount invested in standard line item materials, and the extra cash is simply not there yet. At best there are 5 of us at SP, and it's in the mom/pop category, or at least close to that. Quality manufacture and quality control is a huge personal thing for me.
For a planned retirement business 20 years ago it became a lot larger than I ever anticipated, but back then the material and shipping costs were nothing like they've been in the past 8 years. Shipping costs on flat steel stock are virtually the same a the material costs from the east coast suppliers to us.

At this point even 1/2" flat stock has disappeared from the market to anyone asking for less steel than 2 tons at a time........... and I mean USA wide. My head machinist has the best contacts available, but 2 ton minimums are not within our reach. We have materials enough to continue for some time, but we're going to have to improvise at some point. That $14,000.oo is the least of my concerns right now, but I have not yet abandoned the LHO plans.

You saw what happened with Graf's and Brownells. Those retail prices went out of control, and my Son determined to end those 20 year relationships so that you guys could afford us again. I don't regret that at all, and believer me...... I want that LHO worse than you do, but it has to happen without financially harming the rest of the line or our people.