Lefty Carbon Fiber 6.5 prc

JC Steel

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Oct 12, 2008
Washington State
Left handed carbon fiber 6.5 prc. Pretty much new. 20 rounds through it to get everything dialed in. And so far it’s straight hammering with Factory Hornady Precision Hunter ammo. (Highly recommend)

No question about it, this is one of the sweetest 6.5 prc rifles you will handle.
Lone peak Titanium fuzion action. Medium
Proof carbon fiber 1-8 twist. 24”
Mcmillian carbon hunter with adjustable cheek piece.
henderson precision 1.5” Arca/dovetail on Forend
Trigger tech trigger
Hawkins precision 34mm rings with built in bubble level
USOptics B17. Gen2xr reticle.
Hawkins precision medium bottom metal with Mag included
All chambered and built by Alamo Precision Rifles

weighs in at just over 10 pounds.

This package all together would have a retail price of over $7400. It’s truly top shelf!

Two options-

Rifle only coming in a used hard case. Custom cut foam. $3500

full package rifle and optic set up. Also in a used hard case with custom cut foam. $5000 shipped.

I do have hornady 6.5 prc virgin brass available. And can include for an extra $.75 a case.

Thank you for looking.

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