Just read about a 7mm SAW


Pushing those 6.5's
Seems like a cure for something that has not happened , however looks like it also works and is fairly easy to get into, may try it when I finally decide to scrap my ancient shot-out 260 barrel - anyone got any experience / tried it / fad cartridge ? thinking a 7 has a bit more porridge than a 6.5 in terms of weight , however the 150gr's in 6.5 on a 7 twist are mighty appealing too. What do you say (surgeon 591 action / whiskey 3 chassis for fun and games when its windy at 500 to 1000+ yards)

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I get the ballistics but not the recoil claims.

Heavy bullets such as the 180 Berger Hybrid and 183gr Sierra Match King can be pushed to around 2725-2750FPS. Those numbers give the cartridge a slight edge in drift and drop over the medium 6.5’s, while still providing low recoil
How is that "low recoil"?
So I had read a while back (when going through my wildcat-or-die phase) about 7mm-08 AI. Based on the pictures on the West Texas Ordnance site, it looks fairly close to that. Any idea what differences there may be between the two?


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I'm struggling to believe the velocity claims. That is basically .280 AI speeds with 60-62 grains of powder and 168 class bullets. I'm assuming the saw holds around 45 grains??


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The 7mm SAW is basically an improved 7mm-08. 2750-2775 FPS in a 26" tube is doable in a regular 7mm-08 with an 162 grain bullet, because I've done it. An improved 7mm-08 tops out about 2825-2850 FPS range, with the roomer case yielding about 75 FPS more, at sane pressures. I don't see the SAW sprinklings enough fairy dust to get a 162 grain pill up to 2900, and have any decent case life. IMHO and YMMV.

I don't see the 7mm SAW being a better match round than the 6.5x47, 260 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor trio, but a 162 grain bullet at around 2800 FPS would make a mean big game round......Which is a niche it fits into nicely.....


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I have been thinking about a 708 ai for a while now. I think the appeal to the saw variant is no fire forming. I still think i like the idea of a 708ai better. If it is a hunting rifle the ability to to shoot factory 708 in a pinch is nice and i would think the 708 would have a touch more capacity being that the shoulder is blown forward instead of pushed back.

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I ended up with a piece or two of what resembles of being 7mm saw after last years Lone Survivor match. A friend sent what he thought was some my 7mm Ackley cases but it's not. In the pic left to right is a 7mm-08 Ackley, middle measures and looks to be the saw case and on the right is a standard 308 palma case which both use. Can't say I see the velocities claimed but I've not seen performance in person.
I have a 26" Bartlein on a Bighorn TL3 chambered in 7mm SAW. I am very happy with the ease of forming brass and the final results. Running the Hornady 180 Eld-M in front of Reloader 16 they are moving 2724fps. I gave the 162's and Varget a try and they shot really well but I ran into pressure before I could get enough velocity (low 2800's) to out perform the 180's. I am not sure if the Lapua Palma brass would have helped with pressure or not, but I wanted to try the Hornady brass I had on hand.

I have only had a chance to take the 180's to 600 yards to date and using Hornady's new 4dof app, they were spot on and held under .5 moa. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to take them further in the near future. SIDE NOTE: While shooting the 7mm SAW side by side with my 308 and the SAW had less recoil.

Left to Right: 6.5 Creed, 7mm SAW, 6 SLR


All comes down to case design and how efficient it operates. I had planned to go the 7 SAW route but decided stick with the vanilla 7-08. But I did tighten up the neck on the reamer.

The SAW caught my eye from the fact there’s no drastic case forming and you’re getting the benefits of a SLR/Creedmoor case design.

What powders/primers did ShootDots try ? , I've thought about 7-08AI Palma and whidden hydro-forming dies if the investment is worth it versus fire forming or just going with the SAW !