IRELAND - Guardian Match 2019


Guardian Match Director
Sep 27, 2013
Waxhaw, NC
You ever wanted to shoot a precision rifle match in the beautiful country of Ireland? has the rest of the world. We are bringing the first-ever precision rifle competition to Ireland. $250 tax-deductible donation gets you on the roster.

Registration Link

The Ireland 2-day match will be a bit different than anything done before.
  • Day 1 will be a traditional individual match with raffle and prizes.
  • End of day 1 shooters will be partnered up with top performing shooter paired with bottom performing shooter.
  • But here’s the twist. Each 2-man team will consist of 1 US shooter, and 1 European shooter. Working with a randomly paired partner...from a different country will be so much fun. Sharing equipment, communicating as spotters, km and mph, Guinness and Jack Daniels.
FAQ Document: Download this document that has over 40 answers (links and resources) to ALL of your questions! Can you bring a suppressor, what fees are associated with bringing a rifle, can my rifle have a collapsible stock, is there a place to store my rifle so my wife and I can tour Europe? What forms do I need?

Midlands National Shooting Centre: We have been blessed to work with JP Craven and the staff on bringing the first ever International precision rifle competition to Ireland. Midlands is located about 90 minutes from Dublin, and located in the beautiful countryside of Tullymore. Home of the National F-Class Championships, we will be able to engage targets out to 1,000 yards.

Very Limited Registration: We are limiting the registration to 60 US Shooters, and 60 International Shooters. During our early bird registration we have filled about 50% of the slots with select individuals from media personalities (some you may know), industry leaders, professional shooters and a few well known former SOF snipers (to-be-revealed later).

Nov 7 Conference Call:Still have questions? We are hosting a free QA session on November 7. Click this link to download the calendar invite.

Very Affordable Vacation: Part of the reason we chose to do our first international match in Ireland was the cost to US shooters to travel. Average round trip tickets from major US cities to Dublin are less than $600! Most pre-registered shooters are taking a spouse with them and making a full trip out of it.