Hit past 1,000 for the first time!

Dec 13, 2017
3 months ago I tried to take my AR 15 out to 1,035 yards and got super close, we couldn’t spot our misses so we thought we were hitting.

I took Friday off of work with the goal of hitting 1,000 yards. Today, I popped my 1k cherry and 800 cherry, at 1,040 yards with a 5.56, in 40mph winds. I think the only people who could truly appreciate how stoked I am today are you nerds.

Purpose of the post is to share info and spark discussion.

Video of hits: https://youtu.be/OLSFsC6_vFk

Footage at end of shot strings so you can confirm I did indeed miss =).

I also popped my 800 yard cherry, so that’s cool too. Never hit past 550 with this rifle(or any rifle) until Friday.

I connected at 840 on my 2nd shot. I connected at 1,040 on my 5th shot. We warmed up at 640 yards but that was well within my comfort zone even though it was a new PR distance.

Conditions today were INCREDIBLY windy. We were ranging from 20-40 MPH all day long. I can deal with high winds, the challenge was that it was either a 12 O’Clock wind, or slightly off at 11 or 10. It hit 9 a few times but we weren’t firing then. On a calm day I wouldn’t mind too much, but today it made things interesting. My wind holds at 1,040 were 4 mils at times when it was gusting…with 11 o clock. It was 8 mils at 9 o clock and that simply wasn't going to work.

Overall, hit 8/20 at 840 yards, and 9/20 at 1,040 yards. 840 was exclusively a 95% IPSC A/C Zone, and 1,040 was 10 shots at a gong and 10 at the IPSC. I’ll take 45% accuracy with a 75 gr bullet past 1k yards on a super windy day.

Rifle: 16” Daniel Defense M4v5
Vortex Viper PST 1-4 Mrad
Geissele SSA-E
75 Gr Hornady Handloads


This one goes to 11
Feb 13, 2017
40 mph winds are bitch, not just for the havoc on your wind calls, but all your stuff can get blown away. Shooting mat, backpack, data book, shooting partner, all gone. Well, partners don't usually go until 80 knots, but you get the idea.

Geno C.

Dirty Carnie
Oct 24, 2007
Wautoma, WI
True 20-40 is a handful at that distance for sure. I shoot in some shit weather but winds at 40 and I usually avoid going out. That's an accomplishment!