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Sep 27, 2013
Waxhaw, NC
Event Information:

Custom 338 Lapua Rifle $5 Raffle (MPA Chassis, Proof Barrel, American Rifle Company Action, Huber Trigger, Trijicon Long Range Scope)

This Guardian Long Range Competition different than every other Guardian match we offered, this is
The Guardian Experience. It’s a 4-day event that offers a variety of activities in the Black Hills of South Dakota that cannot be found at this price point. 100% of the proceeds of this competition will go toward Bethany Christian Services, America’s largest nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents. Since 2014, the Guardian has raised over $175,000 for orphans and foster kids. We have partnered with Target Hit Indicator Systems to make sure this event is second-to-none.

Day 1 (Wednesday May 16)
This day will be an event for shooters and their families to get a guided tour of the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and even Custer State Park as time allows. South Dakota offers some of the most picturesque landmarks in the world, and we want to make sure our Guardians have an opportunity to take advantage of seeing the iconic presidential mountain sculpture, and beautiful landscape. Locals will spend the day guiding through these areas providing information on the storied history of one of America’s most beautiful states. This tour starts at 12:00 Noon on Wednesday and will conclude dusk.

Day 2 Daytime (Thursday May 17)
This day will be packed full of low pressure activities. The day will kick off with DOPE gathering and a train-up provided by Vapor Trail Precision. Shooters will be able to get coaching and training with the staff at Vapor Trail Precision, while gathering DOPE out to 1 mile. Industry partners will be showcasing their products at a media event on portions of the course of fire, and Guardians may be able to interact with industry writers and staff. We are also working on securing a sponsor to provide a “1-Mile Gun” for shooters to shoot across the hills of South Dakota.

Day 2 Night (Thursday May 17)
Shooting in pitch black is something most shooters never get to experience. Working with Target Hit Indicator Systems, we will provide target reactors on floodlighted steel targets out to 1,000 yards. The night match will be unique experience for all of our Guardians. There’s even a chance some thermal optics will be on site for demo, however is unconfirmed due to availability of product.

Day 3 (Friday May 18)
This day will follow the traditional Guardian format where you will shoot the match as an individual. This match will feature high angle shooting across valley and terrain of the Black Hills. Trophies for top shooters, and raffle prizes are awarded at the conclusion of the match. Shooters will be in squadded up and be engage steel targets from 100 to beyond 1,400 yards. Shooters will be provided a detailed Course of Fire several days before the match. The top 3 shooters will earn trophies, along with best shooter in LE/MIL, .308, and female categories. Raffle table is open to the entire crowd where $5 raffle tickets earn you chances at winning amazing prizes from our sponsors. A custom .338 Norma Magnum rifle will be available for auction at the event. The day will wrap up with 2 man squad assignments for a short team match on Saturday morning.

Day 4 (Saturday May 19)
The day will begin with a short 2-man match where shooters will be assigned a teammate based on Friday’s score/ranking. These fun stages will provide shooters an opportunity to network and partner while engaging challenging targets into the morning. Teams will re-shoot some of the high angle course of fire. At around noon, as the sun warms the day, shooters will be guided to “Dog Towns” in the prairie, where peak season is underway for Prairie Dog shooting. Thousands of prairie dogs begin their highest level of activity of the year during the middle of May, which is why shooters should plan on bringing at least 100 rounds of ammo. Shooters should expect to engage these varmint from 50 to 1000 yards, so cartridges like 22-250, 22 Creedmore, .223, .243, 6mm, 6.5mm are recommended. Suppressed gas guns are highly effective for engaging multiple prairie dogs. We are working with some firearms manufacturers to provide some demo rifles during this time to shoot.

Engagement Distances
During the matches, shooters will engage targets from 100 to beyond 1400 yards. Target will be reactive steel targets, and a shot anywhere on the target's plate will be counted as a hit. Exact distances and format will be provided to the shooters prior to the match.

Match Cartridge Restriction
Traditional long range cartridges will be good for this match (243, 6 Creedmoor, 308, etc.). Unlike traditional Guardian matches, we are allowing shooters to use up to .338 Lapua Magnum. That’s not a typo. We just ask shooters not to shoot the match with cartridges traveling faster than 3200fps.

Round Count
2-Man Match: 50 rounds
Night shoot: 20 – 40 rounds
Guardian Match: 100 rounds
Prairie Dog Hunt: 100 rounds

One of the unique benefits of this competition is that your donation is tax-deductible. Once Bethany Christian Services has received your payment, they will mail you a receipt that you can use for your tax deductions.

South Dakota Predator/Varmint License
Out of state residents are asked to purchase a Nonresident Predator/Varmint license for $40 from South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks. Licenses are not required for shooters under 16. Residents of South Dakota can purchase a license for $5. We recommend waiting until 2018 to purchase your license. We will NOT be checking for licenses, and are not responsible for any shooter that chooses to hunt prairie dogs without one. We will simply have shooters sign an acknowledgement that they know a license is required for hunting prairie dogs.

Lunch & Dinner
Everyday we will be providing a gourmet lunch and dinner for all shooters. Entrees will be prepared on site.

GPS Locations
Ranch Area: GPS (- 43.34358563,-103.54369614) Google Maps Link or Google Earth Link

Shooters are welcome to camp at the ranch at no cost. This campsite is “dry” meaning there is no running water. There is plenty of space for campers and tents. The geography of the camping area is very uneven and not ideal for sleeping in a tent on the ground. We highly recommend camping in a vehicle and not on the ground. If interested, just contact Eric from Target Hit Indicator Systems or coordinate. Sheps Canyon Recreation Area is nearby and the state run park offers many amenities. Full hookup at Sheps is $22.27/night, that includes electric, water, sewer and propane. If interested, please contact them using the link above

Hot Springs has several hotels, and is less than 30 minutes away. Prices for hotels range from $50 to $100. We have secured a discounted hotel group rate, but ultimately, shooters are responsible for securing their own lodging. If you’d be interested in sharing a room with another shooter, please feel free to utilize the Guardian SD Lodging-Transport Tracker. This spreadsheet will contain the information and details of fellow shooters who’d be interested in coordinating carpool or sharing a hotel room to reduce cost. Please put your information in there so others can coordinate and contact you at registration.
Link to hotels in Hot Springs
USA Stay Hotel & Suites will be providing us a discounted rate if you mention discount code “Guardian Shoot” - Address: 1401 US-18 BYP, Hot Springs, SD 57747 - Phone: (605) 745-4411

Shooters will be responsible for obtaining transportation to and from the ranch. There will be plenty of opportunity to carpool from the hotels, but ultimately, it’s each’s shooters responsibility to coordinate their own transportation. We recommend leveraging the Guardian SD Lodging-Transport Tracker. This spreadsheet will contain the information and details of fellow shooters who’d be interested in coordinating carpool or sharing a hotel room to reduce cost. Please put your information in there so others can coordinate and contact you at registration.

Registration cost is a $700 donation to Bethany Christian Services. As always, this is facilitated through MinistrySync during registration. During registration, shooters have the option to pay in full, or put down a $350 non-refundable down payment then agree to pay the remaining balance before the start of the event in May.
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