Guardian Long Range - Alabama Precision June 9


Guardian Match Director
Sep 27, 2013
Waxhaw, NC

The Guardian Long Range Competition are a full day precision shooting events held around the county. These matches offer opportunities to test your skill with a rifle and compete for prizes and bragging rights. 100% of the proceeds of this competition will go toward Bethany Christian Services, America’s largest nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents.

Roster is limited to 70 shooters.

Match Discipline
This long range rifle match will have a hybrid theme; part tactical, and part "hearth and home." The match layout is what we call the "Guardian" genre. Stages will range between battlefield simulations, and survival scenarios which call for a long range rifle shooting skill set. Shooters will be on time restrictions specific to each stage, and realistic stress-inducing shooting positions will be employed.

Engagement Distances
Shooters will engage targets out to 1000 yards. Target will be reactive steel targets, and a shot anywhere on the target's plate will be counted as a hit. Some shooters will qualify for bonus targets, but more will be explained about this stage on match day. Alabama Precision is also one of the few ranges in the region that has moving targets.

Ammo Count
Bring 80 rounds to be on the safe side. You will not likely need that much, but it's never a bad idea to have some extra ammo on hand. The better shooters will use a minimal amount of shots to successfully complete each stage. The fewer shots you fire, the better your score will be.

One of the unique benefits of this competition is that your donation is tax-deductible. Once Bethany Christian Services has received your payment, they will mail you a receipt that you can use for your tax deductions.



Gungnir Precision

Mar 13, 2018
These are some of my favorite matches to shoot.....Jim and Chuck set up a COF that's challenging but extremely enjoyable to shoot! Camping at the range is a must here as well, the good times never end! especially if The Armageddon Gear Windcheater gets brought out! Counting down the days until this match! Highly recommended for new shooters as well.......Prize table and chances at the table will be like nothing you have ever seen before! Go support a good cause, have some fun, and shoot this match!!!!!!