Grizzly Custom Marlin 1895 Outback Guide Scout 45/70 Gov $2500


Oct 27, 2010
I have for sale a Grizzly Custom Marlin 1895 Outback Guide Scout 45/70 Gov. has less than 20 rounds through it used to zero the included Leupold Delta Point Pro 7.5 MOA triangle red dot sight mounted on an ADM throw lever mount. Also included will be a heavy duty Cabelas duck canvas soft sided case, Double Diamond Leather butt-cuff/cartridge holder and a Montana Sling (brown). Will include I believe (I’ll have to count later around 80 rounds of HSM Grizzly Round 430 grain hard cast. These were chronographed at 1880 FPS while zeroing the tip of the delta points triangle at 150 yards or 3” high at 100 yards. Clover leafed 3 rounds at 100 yards. Here is what has been done to this rifle. This is by far the smoothest lever gun I’ve ever owned. Had a WWG Co-Pilot and it didn’t even come close. The 1895 Outback Guide Scout includes the following: Marlin 1895 Chambered in .45-70 Government Barrel length 18.5 inches Barrel recrowned w/11° target crown 6-round, full-length magazine tube Laminated stock, brown & black Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, contoured for easier mounting & dismounting Extensive action tuning to feed everything up to & including Garrett 540 grain Super Hard Cast loads Trigger job on factory components Dehorned factory large lever loop Complete action dehorning Bobbed hammer Trigger shoe straightened & smoothed XS Sights ghost-ring rear sight XS Sights ramped front sight with high visibility insert XS Sights Scout scope rail Finished in black Cerakote Modified loading gate for easier loading Extensive action smoothing Bed stocks Through-bolt stock retention system Test fired & sighted-in One of these new will run you $2795 from Grizzly Custom with a long wait. This one is ready to go now. I’m asking $2500 shipped/insured for this almost new rifle and all the extras listed (Leupold Delta Point Pro 7.5 MOA triangle, ADM throw lever mount, Double Diamond Leather butt-cuff/cartridge holder, Montana Sling (brown), around 80 rounds of HSM Grizzly 430 grain hard cast, the Cabelas canvas soft side case and a hard side case for shipping.783E5F92-50C0-4D7A-9CCB-2C5281E33C6F.jpegA52BD12B-5395-43E7-BE25-2309A6F1C6AE.jpeg1F22CAAE-57E7-4934-9CAA-0BF81CD74066.jpegE2DB62F9-1A30-4990-8ECF-7D887582398C.jpeg79E83426-8A2E-4505-BEAE-FE43702A2EDA.jpegF75E962B-0BE4-42F1-940F-43FBFE4E138E.jpeg2D15DA4E-5E80-4EB4-AB82-541B36080C11.jpeg