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Jun 5, 2011
Pierce County, WA
The wife watches it. I won't stay in the same room with her watching that traitorous bitch Hanoi Jane.
i make a tactical retreat to my gun room and reload bullets.
I saw a documentary where she says some of that was taken out of context, including hanging out with the soldiers on that AA gun. Her side does make sense.

What doesn't, and what she didn't mention, was when one POW thought she was working as an agent for the US to make contact with the POW's and he palmed her a note with things like names and dates and stuff.

She IMMEDIATELY called it out and handed the paper over to the officer. The POW was "dealt with" but I've never heard of who it was or what happened to him after. I can't stomach the bitch because of that.

Being against that war was fine, it was a fucking crime and the criminals that did it will get buried with honors. But you don't have to travel halfway around the world to give aid and comfort to the enemy in order to do that.

Like how Shitzenegger ruined all his films for me by going political, same for Jim Carrey. These hypocrite motherfuckers admonish responsible firearms owners and demand bans, while promoting criminal violence with firearms in their films and responsibility or safety? Yeah, not present. I just can't get past that. Actors ruin that fourth wall when they wanna be both an actor AND a political hot button.