Gear issue


Mar 4, 2017
Jacksonville FL.
Fitness at this stage of your life should be second nature. You either have kept up on your physical fitness maintenance and proper diet or not. Food is fuel for the engine (quality intake) equals (quality out put). After 55 the machine needs tuning not chasing the 2 & 3 times body weight lifts. Work mobility, balance and agility. Try 50% body weight overhead squats for 25 strict reps (2 sets) with full range of motion Sundays workout. Mondays challenge was every minute on the minute preform two strict pull ups and two strict hand stand push ups for a total of 50 minutes. Two days on and one day off. Rest and recovery is essential. 75 percent of longevity is life style. The human body is an amazing piece of gear, just remember. The mind will want to quit long before the body will give out.
My drug of choice.